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GUYSSSS, this is my very first collaboration and it's super exciting!

I'm collaborating with Jessica Gallen and, let's be real, nothing is more important than showing some love. some love by visiting her blog here and her instagram here.
She posts twice a week about lifestyle and fashion like 'What's In My Bag?' and 'Life Update' to 'Starting Your UCAS Application'. She has variety of contents and is truly an amazing writer!
This is her exquisite outfit and if you want to check it out, make sure to click the links I've included above.

For our collab, I did an autumn outfit of the night and Jessica did an autumn outfit of the day.


My outfit is simple but not too simple that it looks like you didn't even try when choosing your outfit. This outfit is ideal for a date night to a family meal out to a girls night out.

The mustard midi skirt definitely gives the autumn feels; just like the golden auburn leaves. It covers your legs when it gets windy and when the wind blows..well, girlfriend, you still look S M A S H I N G! If you happen to be on a date and your skirt is blowing and your hair is blowing;  werrrrk it bissssh because, as cheesy as it sounds, it's definitely one of those moments in the movies so own it. Having confidence in not just your outfit but your body too makes a girl more appealing so don't be shy!


Nothing is wrong with a twirl here and there. When you look fleeky, gotta flaunt it right?
The long-sleeve top I'm wearing is a plain white top but I believe white goes with everything. Plus, what doesn't match with a white top? It's a go-to fashion item in times of need. 
Gold + White = E L E G A N C Y. 
If you wanna go for a sexy look, why not change the top with a crop top bralette and have everyone looking your way. 


The classy wedges I used to pair my alluring outfit is my favourite because you don't have to worry about your feet hurting; this is the most comfortable wedges I own which is perfect because, who needs a hurt feet to stop them from relishing their night? 
The splash of brown tones down the golden, mustard skirt; without it, it looks summery. The colours even each other out perfectly for your fabulous autumn night out.

Plain white top can be purchased nearly everywhere.
The midi skirt can be purchased in ASOS or Missguided. Mine is specifically from Missguided. 
My white and brown wedges are from Parisian. 

Thank you for reading. 
Hope you have a lovely evening! 

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